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Discover real Peace in the Stillness within You

We all know those words saying:"The answers are within you." True, and there is a lot more to find within your heart than answers...

You know the energy field around those meditation teachers, those "old wise beings" where you can feel their peace, their wisdom and their unconditional love. All this, you have it too, always available to you within yourself. Here the good news: everything that you admire in them, YOU have it too, within you.

The less good news: it may take some time, a real commitment, devotion and practice, before getting there. But one thing is sure: every single person who is sitting in stillness in daily meditation and asking for Divine Guidance to get there, does always receive help. From where? From your own DIVINE SELF and from the Divine Realms.

Yes, your own Divine Self is waiting and looking forward for you to ask to connect again in a stronger way. Because this is the beginning of your awakening, the beginning of your healing and your freedom: sitting in stillness, in meditation and say the words as examples: "I ask for Divine Guidance."

To begin, you lay aside all the outer noise from the thoughts, emotions and feelings. Then it that wonderful stillness, is where you begin to clean yourself from human consciousness and you then merge with Divine Consciousness. When you become more and more quiet, you then listen - this is where you find everything you were looking for.

Because that unconditional Love is never to find outside in the human world, but always inside your heart in your own eternal Divinity. That is the part of you that is your Soul, your Higher Self, your Divine Self - the one many of us forgot while living as humans in the survival mode, in the noise of the ego-thoughts and in the distractions of the outer world.

In the stillness and oneness with your own Divine Self, your real healing will happen, cleansing will be done and you re-discover the peace and love you knew exist. By going within your heart, you will find it all. There, you get in touch with your own Source of Being, from where you will receive new strength, wisdom and guidance for your daily life. The key is to practice every day, in order to obtain the best results.

During meditation, when you consciously connect with your Divine Source, you feel that you are gently filled with a loving energy and a feeling of bliss. This is where you can also ask for answers to your personal questions. When you have asked, then continue to sit in stillness for awhile and listen carefully with all your being. Trust that an answer will be given to you in an appropriate way and time. Stay open to receive it.

In case you feel insecure if you are doing it right, ask the Divine Angels to join you and help you. Know that you are never alone in this. You have your Guardian Angel who is more than happy to help you, if you ask for help. You will discover that there is a sacred room within your heart, where you can always find peace and healing. There, you discover more and more your own Divinity - and this is your goal.

It is important for your inner balance to take this daily time for your meditation. People who meditate every day experience a better life quality, inner harmony and more inner peace. It will help you on many levels of your being and offers you new inspiration. While connecting with your inner Divine Source, your health will get better and you will feel more Love.

During meditation, you open the doors of your consciousness to the Divine Realm and you receive more Divine Guidance that will manifest in your daily life and your well-being.

I hope this helps a little bit :-)

Divine Blessings to You.


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The Power of Your Soul - remember...

Since I was young, I had a certain sensitivity for what was going on in people around me. Sometimes I was being criticized and told that I was "too sensitive". As I could not understand many of the things that I observed, I soon started reading spiritual books in order to get a better understanding of human nature and its origins.

As many others, I always felt that there was a lot more to discover about "God" and the Universe we are living in. Around the age of 20-25, I was a rebel for a while, and at the same time always a spiritual seeker. I was looking for answers and felt that part of what we were told and taught, was not fully true.... and so I started the spiritual path, like many, also by releasing the old layers of emotions, memories, blockages, ego-themes and more... into the healing path of Oneness with our Divine Source.

What I then understood more and more was that one of the main reasons of the emotional suffering within mankind was in the idea of what some call separation, and that most of us have totally lost their contact with their own Divine Soul. This is no judgement, as it happens to many over the different incarnations. And I saw that this is where the necessary healing can be experienced.

One of my observations is that real healing from the different types of emotional suffering is possible for everybody, as soon as one is doing efforts in reconnecting again with his own Divine Self (and the ego becomes a new task), and from there reconnecting again with our one Divine Source. And that is where I do often guide people.

I strongly believe that people will be able to live together in peace again, as soon as one has re-established peace within himself. It is the inner conflicts that are hindering us to live together in peace. The unhealed wounds are blocking us from living our full potentials. One first has to find healing within its own heart, and from there healing will occur in the relationships with others.

If people are not aware of their own inner conflicts and unfulfilled needs, they unconsciously project them on others; and this is then where relationship issues and drama begin. One thing many people experience is a kind of an inner war, inner conflicts that are going on between the voice of the heart and the intellect and ego. And we all first have to make an end to these inner conflicts and bring the human self into harmony with the Divine Self, the Soul. From there, inner harmony will reign and freedom begins.

On the outside, people can feel nervous, stressed, exhausted, frustrated and angry -- not aware of their inner conflicts. It happened to all of us: we first have to clean out all the old suppressed emotions, old grief, old anger and old sadness. We all first have to make peace within ourselves, with our life, with our past, our experiences, our wounds, and then we are able to step into our own Light and live in harmony with our world around us.

Know that you are not alone with this work: you can ask for help with this. We all had to do this inner cleaning first. This is necessary, before being able to integrate more of the light from our Divine Self.

Each one needs to get in touch again with his own heart, the Soul, the Divine Self. This is where real peace comes from. As the Soul is integrated again more and more, inner peace and love are being established step by step. This takes time, compassion and patience. As this is being done consciously, with earnest effort and a devoted heart, the person experiences more and more healing and discovers a new consciousness.

A new state of being and a new quality of life is then being established step by step. He/She then develops more self-awareness and self-responsibility. And with this, the relationships with others also become more kind, more peaceful and gentle.

As long as these steps are not being done, one continues living in separation and feels over and over again that "something is missing". Real fulfillment and love can only be found within the sacred relationship with the Divine Self, the Soul. This is our way home, and our way to peace and freedom for all.

When, during our time of prayers and meditations, we connect more and more with our Divine Self, and from there with our Divine Source, we do receive healing, love, light and a new consciousness. We are changing in a way that is simply beautiful and pure, beyond what words can describe. We discover a new way of living, of feeling, of sharing and connecting with others. We are then truly being healed on all levels of our being. This path takes time and demands our active collaboration and participation, every day.

When we turn inward and ask our own Divine Self to help us heal - a real beautiful transformation is taking place. We can develop the habit to always turn inwards first and ask our own Divine Soul for help, in any situation. This is where all the Love, all the support we ever need does come from. Our Soul then will bring to us from the outside world whatever it is we need; - if we can lay aside our judgements, step aside and allow it to work through us.

It is a very sacred path.... It is the freedom from suffering, loneliness, depression, drama, codependency and many other struggles. The more one moves forward on this path, the more one will become independent and self-empowered. One is then living from its heart, filled with compassion and love. The more a person is again in touch with its own Divine Self, Soul, the more he/she then can let flow the love and light to others.

Because one who is aware of the Divine Self within himself, is also aware of the Divine Selves within others (no matter the outer appearances). This makes a new level of contacts possible. Within this new consciousness and awareness, mutual respect, kindness, compassion and cooperation with everybody is just natural. And with this inner peace, one will create more peace with other people, and from there with other nations all around the world.

The more people awaken to their own Divine Self, .....

                               ..... the more peace is possible for all of us on this planet.

Divine Blessings to You,

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Love as the new state of being – Part 2

This is part 2 of the previous message.

Our natural state of being is Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Consciousness. And now as we enter more and more in this new state of being, our natural way to create our world, our life and all our experiences is „allowing“, and not struggling, forcing, manipulating, doubting or worse.

This is new to many people now. And I observe that not yet all people have realized the importance of what I call "planning time". Because the fine difference in this new state of being we are about to enter, is that we now create things in a different way. See, if any of your daily life experiences appear a little bit chaotic, frustrating or even as the opposite of what you wanted in your heart - then this planning time can help you making the necessary corrections. As long as what you plan to create always serves the highest and greatest good of all, it is in alignment within the Divine Flow.

In the Oneness with Your Divine Self, from that new state of being called Love, you now choose more consciously the life you wish to create and live. More than ever before, your thoughts and feelings now have a creative power. It is now as if you are writing a script for a movie. As a Divine Creator, you are responsible for what happens in your world. If now you do not make clear choices and set a clear intent – then, others in your environment will play out their ideas in your life, same as in the past. And you no longer want that, right?

Now, YOU truly are the director of your world, your experiences, and you can command the energies. This demands some planning time, a clear focus, clear choices, especially in the beginning. It may help to take a piece of paper and ask your Soul, your heart, what it is that you want to create. What is it you wish to see and experience in your private life, your professional life, or anything you wish to have and do.

Or, the other interesting question you may like to ask yourself: What is it that I no longer want to have in my world? Sometimes, we first have to clean out the old patterns, the old burdens, the old routine, the old emotions and the old habits, to make free space for the new experiences we wish to manifest.

If you wish to experience harmony, then choose it and bring that potential into your world. If you wish to experience any other thing, such as a new business, a new love relationship, more joy, more time, more peace, or the creation of music, art, a new house maybe... whatever you wish to change in your world, you now can decide it, choose it, imagine it, visualize it and then simply trust and allow your Higher Divine Soul to bring those potentials into your world and your daily life.

Writing those new choices, new intentions, new goals and new creations on a piece of paper can help you to keep a clear focus, maintain a better clarity and to manifest things with more ease.

Now, in the new energy and with the new consciousness, if we do not make clear choices and set clear intentions of what it is we do wish to experience, things can appear a little chaotic. We now have to keep a clear focus on all levels of our being on what it is that we wish to create: What you focus on, is what you create.

If this is still a little new to you, you can also start with small things of your daily life and practice this. Take any situation of your daily life that you wish to change. Create your new vision on how you would like it to be on a piece of paper.
Then, sit in stillness and in oneness with your Divine Self and Divine Source. From this higher state of consciousness, now bring this situation into your heart and fill it with your love ... and then see what is being presented to you.... and expect beautiful changes to manifest in your daily life.

From that higher state of consciousness and Divine Love, you now can create beautiful experiences for yourself and others. Isn't this worse some planning time?

Divine Blessings to You :-)


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Love as the new state of being

When we are on this beautiful path of awakening, we all come to the point where we discover more and more of our essence: Divine Love, Light and Consciousness.
And as long as we are able to stay centered within our heart, we experience this essence of our Divine Self (Soul) and feel that wonderful inner peace and harmony. And we just would like to keep it like this...

But sometimes, there are those old emotions, the waves of old fears sometimes, the noise of our ego disturbing that inner peace we just found. All those emotions, that is the baggage that we cannot take with us into the next dimension, into that new state of consciousness. This is why we have some „house-cleaning“ to do, before we can move forward on our path.

The beauty is that our Soul, our Divine Self, is then bringing to us situations and people who mirror back to us the pieces of that old baggage. They trigger those old emotions and fears - So that we can see, that there is something we have to take care of and clean out. We then may be facing situations that will push us outside of our old comfort zones and bring up our hidden fears about money maybe, or loneliness, or failure or whatever we have been repressing while living in survival mode.

Sure, as long as we continue to keep some old safety-nets, we do not have to deal with those fears. But the more we move forward on our path of awakening, the more we have to be honest with ourselves. If you wanna face those fears and learn what real trust is, then dare to ask yourself what are your deepest heart wishes – and why are you not doing and not living what your heart is longing for? What is holding you back?
What excuses are you telling yourself and others?

On the path of awakening, we can't continue to live half-hearted, with compromises and excuses. We are supposed to be a creator, living our passions, living and expressing Divine Love. And we can't do that, as long as we continue to nourish some old emotions who hinder us from living our own truth. Our heart is longing for joy, for love, for freedom, for expression and more... but as long as we stay in the old survival mode instead of making clear choices, we are blocked - and that gets frustrating...

In order to remove those blockages, we have to take the time to look at those different pieces of the old baggage we still carry with us. Those old emotions, the old fears, the old limiting beliefs, they all need to be released and transformed. And for this, they all need our unconditional love.

In the past, when those old emotions came to surface, we often got overwhelmed and fell into the identification with them. Then, we would not be able to transform them fully. Now, we can take care of them and transform them, without being overwhelmed again. Whenever we observe that there are some kind of old themes coming to surface, we can chose to stay in the position of the observer. As an example, you can compare this with the picture of a kindergarten teacher who decides to stay calm and centered in the middle of a group of children.

Call your Angels to help you with this work. In the position of the observer, you are One with your Divine Self, you actually are your Divine Self. You go into the sacred space of your heart where those different old emotions, the wounded aspects (from this or from older lifetimes) are waiting for your help. There, in the room of your heart, you then offer your unconditional love to those wounded aspects, who have been calling to you through those old emotions you felt.

They may even explain you why they feel the way they feel. They may help you understanding the journey of your Soul. In the presence of your unconditional love and compassion, they will now find healing and can then go into the Light. This is how you can transform those old emotions and the baggage you carry with you becomes smaller and smaller.

After having released and transformed those old emotions, you then can move forward a few new steps on your path of awakening. The merging of your human self and Your Divine Self can then continue and become deeper and stronger. You then feel more of your essence, the Divine Light and the Divine Love you truly are.

While doing that inner healing work, you shift a lot of energies on all levels of your being. Be aware that this needs time, also you need time to rest and relax. And also for the physical body, some days this can feel as if you were going through a triathlon. Do long walks in nature in order to ground the energies and give yourself time to rest.

You are about to return to your natural state of being: Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Consciousness.

I hope this helps a little bit :-)

Divine Blessings to You.


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Loving yourself unconditionally

On this spiritual path of healing and awakening, we hear and read often that it is important that we learn to love ourselves.
If you grew up, like many, in an old traditional religious environment, you were probably also taught that "others come first" and that thinking about your own needs is selfish. And so you maybe also end up feeling guilty everytime you would like to express your own needs. Now when you hear that you should love yourself -- you then meet an inner conflict, because you don't want to be selfish. Many of us experience that inner conflict.

Feelings of guilt will always block the feelings of love. So we have to free ourselves from that old idea of guilt. To make that possible, we have to move beyond the idea of being unloyal to those who taught us that selflove is selfishness. They did their best and they didn't know any better. We can respect them, honor them, and still move forward on our personal path. In order to step fully into our own power, we have to find a harmonious and balanced way of loving ourselves.

Setting healthy boundaries between us and others is one step to a balanced self-love. We are not loving ourselves if we allow others to abuse of our kindness and our compassion. We also don't love ourselves when we tolerate that others project their needs or frustration on us, expecting us to solve their problems. It is important that we give back to others their full responsability for their own well-being (as they are all grown up and able to take care of themselves).

Saying "no" to others when it is appropriate is another act of self-love, that can be helpful and precious. How often do you feel exhausted and just would like to get some rest, but you said "yes" to an appointment even you weren't feeling good about it? People often say "yes" because they feel scared to loose a friend if they say "no" more often. If people give you up and don't respect your boundaries, they were not your friends anyway.... your true friends will always naturally respect your boundaries.

Loving yourself is a learning process. Self-love gets stronger and is growing with time.
Just treat yourself with the same love and kindness that you would treat your love partner.

Another thing that is a sign of self-love is stopping all self-criticism and self-judgement. It is well known that people often criticize themselves the worst. Developing a deep sense of compassion for ourselves is very precious for this path.

One more is: Forgiving ourselves the mistakes we made. Sometimes we made mistakes (for example in a relationship) and then we aren't conscious that we are disappointed and angry with ourselves. We just feel a feeling of failure that is somewhere in the background. We struggle and think we have "messed it up". We don't like the way we acted. Then it can be difficul for us to love ourselves. Loving ourselves unconditionally even in those moments, that is real compassion.

Taking the time and consciously living self-love is about taking free time for ourselves, spending time alone. Allowing ourselves just to be in the present moment, here and now, without distractions. Depending on your daily life schedule and the work you do, this time alone is really a sacred ritual for self-healing and it is so precious.

We have to let go of those different roles we play in the outer world, such as the identification with job titles or other titles. Those are only temporarly roles we play for the time of this incarnation, but that is not who we really are.

Our true Self, our Divine Self, that eternal part in us, that is who we really are; and that's why this is the most important thing to care about, to discover, to connect with. 

How can we expect to connect with others, if we are not able to connect with our own real Self?

When we reach a balanced way of self-love, we are sending out new signals, a different energy.
And from that point of balanced self-love, we can develop more love and compassion for those around us, free from projections or expectations or needs.

Loving ourselves unconditionally is creating freedom for all of us.

Your goal is to raise your own vibration - and self-love is helping you to do that.

With Love and Light,

The story of a lightworker with the name Jack

This is just a story... a parable maybe... an example...

Some people have experienced emotional suffering because they did not receive from their family members the support, the compassion, the love and understanding they needed during their childhood. And so, they then feel sad, misunderstood, maybe even a little bit frustrated. They feel that they did not get what they needed when they were young. Their parents and other family members could not give them what they deserved. Therefore, they then walk through life with the feeling that something was missing in their childhood. Many of us have experienced this too, in one way or the other. And we do remember how we felt when we were younger and did not understand why this was.

The good thing when we get older is that we start to see things from a different perspective. We start to see the deeper meaning of certain situations. We discover that there was Divine Synchronicity at work and that sometimes things happened to make sure we wake up at the right moment.

Let's take an example. Let's say that there is a Lightworker-Soul with the name of “Jack” coming to earth, incarnating somewhere in Europe. Jack is growing up with another brother and one sister. When a young child, Jack often felt misunderstood by his parents. He was a rebel, with great intelligence and he was a brilliant student at school. Jack did not see that his parents felt overwhelmed by all his questions. Jack also could not see that his parents felt he was a demanding child and how much they worried because they saw they could not fulfill all his emotional needs; because for the parents, there was not enough free time, with their jobs, with 3 children, a house and garden to take care of.

When he was a child, Jack also had no idea about the stress his father experienced at his workplace during more than 10 years, and how exhausted and tired his father was every evening when he came home after long days at work. Instead, Jack thought that his father did not really like him, because his father rarely spend time alone with him. He did not see his fathers health issues and all his fears of not being able to feed the family. His father often felt scared to lose his job, to lose the house and had many different worries about the future of the family.

The stress at work also had an influence on the relationship of the couple and that was another pressure on the heart of the father, feeling he was not a good husband for his wife. But the children could not know all this, they were too young to understand. And so, Jack only saw that he did not get from his father what he needed from him. Jack wished from his father simply what every child wishes from his father: approval, attention, love, understanding, compassion and time. Of course, every father and every mother always would like to give all this to their child. But when one is so exhausted and overwhelmed with daily life issues as his father was, of course then it is not always possible to give these things to the child.

Jack also did not see the chronical financial struggles his parents went through, and all the different fears they experienced as a young family. Plus, the mother had to take care of the grandmother and so she was not always there when the children needed their mother. Often, Jack also felt frustrated because his parents could not buy him the things he wanted to have.
He did not see that his parents: from their perspective, really they did their very best they could. He could not know the fears, the struggles, the hard work or the difficult economic environment during those times. Instead of understanding his parents, Jack from his perspective really only could see what a child when young only can see: what he needed and what he did not get.

That is how Jack started believing that his parents would not really love him, that they would not understand him and not give him what he needed as a sensitive child. Jack feels a little bit frustrated and disappointed, even neglected by his parents. He was too young to understand their situation and what they went through. When a teenager, his frustration about his unfulfilled needs sometimes even turned into anger. Anger that he would sometimes express and sometimes repress. Jack gets older, around 20 years young, he finds out that a young man can get attention and love from young ladies, and so he starts to fulfill his unfulfilled needs in many relationships with women.

Around the age of 25 then, Jack has created his own life, he got a job, his own home and a wife. He still says that his parents did not give him what they should have given him; and of course he still believes that they were not good parents. But a few years later, Jack got children himself and discovers what his parents have experienced: how demanding children can be, even if you love them and give them everything you have. How exhausting a job can be, and that sometimes at the end of a day there is no more free time to regenerate, because the family demands your presence and caring every single day.

Over the next few years, Jack discovers that maybe it is not so easy to be a good father. Now, older and after having experienced himself what his parents went through, Jack can understand them a lot better. Because of his new understanding and his new perspective, he is finally able to see that his interpretation was not fully correct and that somehow, his parents did their best with what they had. His bitterness and frustration is now being transformed into compassion and understanding for his own parents. And he makes peace with his past, and is able to accept things as they were.

Jack now also understands that sometimes one needs to let go of the expectations - because sometimes people simply cannot give what they did not receive themselves, or what maybe they do not have; even if they really would like to give it (love).

In new conversations with his parents, Jack now receives new informations about his parents life and how difficult their own childhood was and all the things they went through as young parents.... and he now understands why they could not give him everything...

Blessings and Light

First steps into Divine Consciousness

Since a few years now, there is an awakening going on for many, all around the world. People start to realize that they are more than just that "human body", that there is a lot more beyond the limitations they were taught. They discover that there are other potentials and possibilities, new ways of living, new ways of being.

What people now discover is that they are not a human being who has a Soul. They discover now more and more that they ARE that Soul - and that as that Soul, they are having a physical body.

They start to realize that they are Divine Beings, living in a physical body. They see: they are spiritual Beings - having a physical experience on planet Earth.

And together with this comes the first step into their Divine Consciousness. Of course, there is sometimes a kind of a resistance from the ego to that new idea. Because it has to let go of the old way of identification with the different roles it used to play out. But soon it will discover the beauty and the power that lays within that new consciousness: the idea of being Divine - and with this, being eternal.

What does it mean, how does it feel for you when you say to yourself " I AM eternal." ?

Yes, you were living somewhere else before this lifetime in this body. And you will go to new places after this lifetime. The idea of reincarnation is well-known in many different cultures all around the world.

When this idea of "being Divine" or "being eternal" is still a little new to you - give yourself time to meditate with it, to feel into it. Don't go there with your intellect, because the intellect can't show you this path. Divine Truth can only be discovered and experienced from an open heart.

At the beginning, a time of adaptation to that new consciousness is needed. Nobody can jump from the old limited human consciousness into the new consciousness within one single day. It will take a lot more time. It is a step-by-step discovery that is very unique to every single person, depending on their own Higher Divine Self. Each Soul is very unique, and therefore every path of awakening is very unique too.

One of the main reasons why all this takes time is that the physical body also needs time to adapt to that new, higher vibration from the Divine Self. The moment we start stepping into that new consciousness, is also the moment we start to be aware of our Higher Divine Self. This merging of the human and the Divine Self truly needs time and patience. If we are open, we discover a little bit more with every new day.

When one starts asking the question during meditation: "Who am I... ?" or maybe asks something like: " Dear God, show me what I need to know.. " -- Divinity is going to start answering gently. And with time, during these daily meditations, more and more of the Divine consciousness is going to merge with the human being. Of course, at the same time, certain things in the daily life experiences are also going to change.

Discovering our own Divine Self (Soul) is a very sacred and beautiful process. After we have been through an inner cleaning process, our body is able to accept and handle more and more of that Divine Light. And we become more and more aware of our own Divine Self. Together with that, we develop more and more compassion - not only for others, but also for ourselves. We also find a new understanding of what Love truly is.

With time, we also find that it is not only a discovering of something new, but that the whole process is more one of "remembering" of who we truly are. We start to remember God, the Divine Source. We start to remember that we are all brothers and sisters from the one and same Divine Source. And with this, we let go of the different ideas of separation. And the more we can remember of the Divine Source, the more we feel love....

And that's why the daily practice of meditation is no longer like a duty, but more a beautiful and sacred moment of healing, of experiencing love and light - and we find there, with our own Divine Self, all we have been looking and longing for in the past.

When we consciously set the intent and invite our Divine Self, our Soul, more into ourselves, our world, our life, we will experience beautiful changes and healing. It is truly a reconnection with God, a feeling of coming home, a reunion with what we were longing and looking for during many lifetimes.
It is almost not possible to find the right words to explain and describe the feeling of bliss we find. At the same time, the whole experience of awakening is so very unique to each one. It is like a finding of the source of water, after having been lost in a desert for years.

Yes, it can take a few years before one gets there -- it is a process that is constantly evolving. Years of daily meditations, prayers and training. But do not let the impatience frustrate you. Every single day is precious on this path. Everybody first has to clean from within, because layer after layer of old emotions and illusions have to been cleaned out first. The ego has to let go, the mind has to surrender to Divine Source. And the distractions of the outer world has to been layed aside. Similar to what the monks do in the holy temples. The heart has to be truly honest and cleaned.

The Divine Source can't be fooled or cheated. There is no short-cut, no room for ego-games, and nobody can buy this with money. Ever single person has to do this work alone. Yes, others can serve you as guides, can help, can give you inspiration and insights. But then, we have to do the work and meditations ourselves.

Soon, your Higher Divine Self becomes your guide, your healer, your eternal source of Love. With this, you will understand what the Teachers said when they wrote: " The answers were always within you... . "

With time, we learn to listen within. It is not a listening with the ears, it is a listening with the heart...

Divine Blessings to You,


About the resistance from the ego

When we walk the path of awakening, there are sometimes moments we fall back into the old ways of thinking and feeling. We then find ourselves again in the old human discord, the old limited way of thinking and some old fears. In these moments when we fall back in our old habits, we also find ourselves listening again to the voice of our ego and the beliefs of mass consciousness.

Maybe we just got some news that have triggered old fears. Or maybe we just have experienced a situation with somebody that has triggered old anger or an old unhealed wound. Those situations then can be a chance to heal and integrate what was hidden up to that point. Healing can then take place, if we take time to look at the situation.

But there are other moments where we neglect our daily meditation. Then we fall back into our old habits, the old ego, and start thinking and analyzing out of the intellect, forgetting all we have learned up to that day. And things get even worse when we then start judging ourselves and others again. This can also be the resistance from the ego to the process of awakening.

What happens then is that we start feeling really stressed, nervous or even angry again. And you know all the other emotions of those moments. The question here is: how do you connect again ... ?

If for a moment you have fallen back into the old habits and in the ego, do not judge yourself. This happens to all of us on this path. You can compare it to any type of sport activity: the more and the longer you practice, the stronger you will get. It takes regular practice and discipline, that is all.

Allow yourself to remember: You are an eternal Divine Being, a beautiful Soul, who has beautiful creative powers. The more you reconnect with your Divine Self, and the more you bring it in harmony together with your human Self, the more peace and love you will experience in your daily life.

If we find ourselves in a moment where we feel resistance to sit in stillness and meditate, it can be helpful to listen to a channel, an audio file, from one of our favorite channels or a special book. And while we are listening to the message, we will feel more and more the connection again. We can prepare anything that helps us to connect again with our Divine Self in those moments: a paper we write for ourselves to help us, a copy of a good text, a special song, some special music. And of course, the best is to have a good like-minded friend who we can ask to help us in those moments.

Many of us are on the path of awakening and still have to go out in the world and spend 10-12 hours per day or more in big cities, in big companies, in crowded places. And as long as we are still in the process of transformation and the recalibration is taking place, some moments can be a little challenging. We then need a very clear focus, strong determination and concentration to make sure we stay in our own center. If the path of awakening were easy, then half of the world would already be enlightened and awake today.

That's why we have to make clear choices on what we listen to, what we read, what we discuss with others and where we put our awareness on. One of pitfalls is called "judgements": when we constantly judge things and people, we cannot expect to experience peace and harmony in our world. It is an old habit of putting judgements on everything and everybody, but that is exactly what keeps peace away from us.

If we see that we have difficulties to stop an old habit, we can then make the choice to replace it by another habit: to bless things and bless people. You can try it for 1-2 days and see what happens and how you feel at the end of the day. Whenever we observe that a judgemental thought or emotion comes up, we can neutralize it by speaking words of blessing on the situation or the person. We can say within: "God bless You with Divine Peace."

The ego will tell us over and over again that we are living in a world filled with limitation and lack. It will tell us what mass consciousness believes. We can then choose to put our awareness back on our Divine Self, where there are no limitations and no lack, but where we receive Divine Peace.

The ego will also run some self-sabotage programs and tell us words of self-doubts, self-criticism and self-judgement. We can then choose to put our focus again back within our own heart and ask our Divine Self to tell us the Truth.

As soon as there is some type of fear, that is a clear sign that we are not listening to our Divine Self, but that our awareness has stepped out of the connection with the Divine Self. We then simply go back and put our awareness again on our Divine Self. We can always ask for Divine Help and Divine Guidance with all these things. It just needs a little bit of practice in the beginning. With time, it gets easier.

The Love from your Divine Self, from your Soul, has the power to help you transform your life. That is why it is healing for you to consciously join with it often.

Everybody on the spiritual path experiences some types of resistance from time to time. It can be helpful to have an "emergency tool box" ready for those moments, to make sure we connect again with more ease. In those moments, it is good to remember who we truly are, that we are not the ego, not those emotions and not what mass consciousness believes.

Another good and helpful reminder can be to have pictures on the walls of your home, like "reminders". Images that helps you to remember everything about Divinity. I have also read from people who have set an alarm on their watch as a reminder to center themselves again during the day. Why not - if it helps to train the mind and stay focused, that is good.

As long as we feel inner peace, inner harmony, trust and love, we are centered and in Oneness with our Divine Self. That is our natural state of being.

The moment we feel the need to criticize, to judge, to defend, to impress, to control, to reject, to win or to fight, we are again listening to the voice of the ego. We then have forgotten who we truly are (and who all others are). The moment we do "want" something or expect something from any other person, we also forgot who we truly are.

It can be helpful and healing for us to practice this consciously. We can ask our Divine Self to help us to see ourselves and others correctly, beyond the outer physical appearences. Because our real Divine Self truly is beyond that outer appearence. Our eternal Self, our Divine Self, is far more than the outer appearence.

And that is what we need to learn to see in ourselves and others: the DIVINE SELF, the eternal Soul.

We need to have patience and compassion with ourselves and others on this path. We are all in the process of learning and of self-healing. We are all learning to remember.... we are all about to remember that we are Divine, from the one same Divine Source, and that all the Love we need is within our own Divine Self.

Divine Blessings to You,