Montag, 18. Januar 2016

First steps into Divine Consciousness

Since a few years now, there is an awakening going on for many, all around the world. People start to realize that they are more than just that "human body", that there is a lot more beyond the limitations they were taught. They discover that there are other potentials and possibilities, new ways of living, new ways of being.

What people now discover is that they are not a human being who has a Soul. They discover now more and more that they ARE that Soul - and that as that Soul, they are having a physical body.
They start to realize that they are Divine Beings, living in a physical body. They see: they are spiritual Beings - having a physical experience on planet Earth. 

And together with this comes the first step into their Divine Consciousness. Of course, there is sometimes a kind of a resistance from the ego to that new idea. Because it has to let go of the old way of identification with the different roles it used to play out. But soon it will discover the beauty and the power that lays within that new consciousness: the idea of being Divine - and with this, being eternal. 

What does it mean, how does it feel for you when you say to yourself " I AM eternal." ?
Yes, you were living somewhere else before this lifetime in this body. And you will go to new places after this lifetime. The idea of reincarnation is well-known in many different cultures all around the world. 

When this idea of "being Divine" or "being eternal" is still a little new to you - give yourself time to meditate with it, to feel into it. Don't go there with your intellect, because the intellect can't show you this path. Divine Truth can only be discovered and experienced from an open heart.
It is a step-by-step discovery that is very unique to every single person, depending on their own Higher Divine Self. Each Soul is very unique, and therefore every path of awakening is very unique too. 

The moment we start stepping into that new consciousness, is also the moment we start to be aware of our Higher Divine Self. This merging of the human and the Divine Self truly needs time and patience. If we are open and stay vigilant, we discover a little bit more with every new day.
When one starts asking the question during meditation: "Who am I... ?" or maybe asks something like: " Dear God, show me what I need to know.. " -- Divinity is going to start answering gently. And with time, during these daily meditations, more and more of the Divine consciousness is going to merge with the human being. Of course, at the same time, certain things in the daily life experiences are also going to change. 

Discovering our own Divine Self is a very sacred and beautiful process. After we have been through an inner cleaning process, our body is able to accept and handle more and more of that Divine Light. And we become more and more aware of our own Divine Self. Together with that, we develop more and more compassion - not only for others, but also for ourselves. We also find a new understanding of what Love truly is. 

With time, we also find that it is not only a discovering of something new, but that the whole process is more one of "remembering" of who we truly are. We start to remember God, the Divine Source. We start to remember that we are all brothers and sisters from the One and same Divine Source. And with this, we let go of the different ideas of separation. And the more we can remember of the Divine Source, the more we feel love.... 

And that's why the daily practice of meditation is no longer like a duty, but more a beautiful and sacred moment of healing, of experiencing love and light - and we find there, with our own Divine Self, all we have been looking and longing for in the past. 

When we consciously set the intent and invite our Divine Self, our Soul, more into ourselves, our world, our life, we will experience beautiful changes and healing. It is truly a reconnection with God, a feeling of coming home, a reunion with what we were longing and looking for during many lifetimes.

It is almost not possible to find the right words to explain and describe the feeling of bliss we find. At the same time, the whole experience of awakening is so very unique to each one. It is like a finding of the source of water, after having been lost in a desert for years. 

Yes, it can take a few years before one gets there -- it is a process that is constantly evolving. Years of daily meditations, prayers and training. But do not let the impatience frustrate you. Every single day is precious on this path. Everybody first has to clean from within, because layer after layer of old emotions and illusions have to been cleaned out first. The ego has to let go, the mind has to surrender to Divine Source. And the distractions of the outer world has to been layed aside. Similar to what the monks do in the holy temples. The heart has to be truly honest and cleaned. 

The Divine Source can't be fooled or cheated. There is no short-cut, no room for ego-games, and nobody can buy this with money. Ever single person has to do this work alone. Yes, others can serve you as guides, can help, can give you inspiration and insights. But then, we have to do the work and meditations ourselves. 

Soon, your Higher Divine Self becomes your guide, your healer, your eternal source of Love. With this, you will understand what the Teachers said when they wrote: " The answers were always within you... . " 

With time, we learn to listen within. It is not a listening with the ears, it is a listening with the heart... 

Divine Blessings to You, 


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Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Exhausted, tired, burned out...?

This is a message for all people who feel chronically tired, exhausted, maybe burned out. Allow me to share some simple thoughts and inspiration with you here.

If you feel chronically tired and exhausted, maybe you're struggling with some old beliefs? What are you really fighting for? Why do you believe that you have to increasingly do more efforts all the time? Who said this is "normal" in life? May I invite you for a cup of tea and help you stop all of your efforts for a moment?

Whenever you see yourself struggling, exerting much effort, trying to please others and running around for others, you probably got out of alignment with who you really are. In other words: you temporarily lost the connection with your inner being, with your Soul, your higher Divine Self. That's okay because this can happen. Step back.

Take a deep breath right now. Then one more deep breath. Now take 5-10 minutes and re-connect yourself with your I-AM-Presence. Very good. Now, you can already feel it: you're about to step back into your own personal power. Here we go. Breathe. Better?

It's ok. Whenever you observe that you feel exhausted, take a piece of paper and write down all your thoughts, your feelings, all the beliefs and the limitations that you feel about that situation. When you're in alignment with who you really are, your Divine Soul, there is no struggle, because then you're in the flow. Then you will see that things fall into place for you with ease.

You can clearly feel the difference if you're in alignment or not. When you're in alignment, there is that Divine Synchronicity working in all daily life situations and you feel at peace.

Therefore, isn't it better to take 10-15 minutes per day to get yourself back in alignment with your Divine Self, your Soul, and to get back into your own power?

Whenever there is a situation that makes you feel exhausted, it is a sign that you're entertaining some limiting beliefs in that area. By connecting with your Divine Soul, you can raise the vibration of that situation to the next level and bring it into the flow too. Take the situation into your meditation, and there you view it all from a higher perspective, which will allow you to transform it.

No matter what the situation is, if you see there are struggles, if it feels blocked and it is taking away too much of your energy, then get some distance from that situation and stop all efforts for a moment. It is always worth it to take the time to program those kind of situations from a higher perspective, together with your Higher Divine Self. If it feels too difficult and you feel overwhelmed, then call the Archangels and your Divine Guides to help you, invite them.

Do you feel as if you lost your passion? You did not lose your passion, you only temporarily lost your connection with your Soul. Your passion is still there, same as your Soul is always there, right here with you (inside your heart). Just sit a moment, breathe, meditate, and you're connected again.

Some moments you feel tired? Maybe because you listened too much to others and not enough to your own inner truth. Maybe because you spent too much time in the noise of the city, and not enough time with yourself and your inner stillness.

When you take on some limiting beliefs from others about a situation, then you could also experience difficulties in that field. This doesn't have to be. You can transform the energies of that situation by bringing it into the flow with your Higher Divine Self.

Sometimes, we simply need a little reminder like this because we forget to set healthy boundaries in a situation. Then it's no surprise that we end up feeling exhausted. It could be that there are some old fears holding you back, but you wish to move forward in an area of your life? It is better to take a serious look at those fears, so you can feel better soon.

A feeling of exhaustion is very often a clear sign that you got out of alignment with who you really are. Remember that you do have the power to get back into your inner connection at any moment of the day. Breathe, go inside your heart, call your I-AM-Presence and call Divine Light to You. The more often you do this, the less you'll feel tired. You receive new strength as soon as you take the time to reconnect with your inner being, with your Divine Soul.

Your Divine Source adores You!

With Love and Light,

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When I look at You...

When I look at You,
I see so much more than your outer appearance,
I see so much more than the roles you play in your daily life.

I look in your eyes and I see your eternal Self, your Divine Self.
I look in your eyes and I see the eternal One that you are - the One you forgot you are.

I feel your light but also your pains,
I feel your hopes but also your doubts.
I feel your courage but also your fears.

And I would like to tell you: dear One,
don't you remember who you truly are?
don't you remember where you came from?
don't you remember your true Divine Source?

And I would like to take your hand, hold your hand,
and help you to remember who you are.

You forgot that you carry a Light within you that can heal all your pains.
You forgot that you carry a Light with you that can change all your energies.
You forgot that you are this Light - it is the Divine Soul that you are,
it is your eternal Self - the Light of God.

And so I look at you, I hold your hand and I say to you:
You can right now chose to step into this awareness of your Divine Soul,
You can right now, here, today, shift your consciousness and BE the One you truly are.

I see your tears... I feel your sadness... the world out there has confused you,
and told you who you are NOT. And as many of us you have lived lifes
and years in different roles that made you feel lost and hurt.

But today you can begin to remember your true Divine Self.
We are here to help you to remember your Light, your Power,
the Love that YOU ARE.

And as many saints and monks all around the world did remember before you,
You too can now start to remember your true Divine Source.
That place where we all came from... long time ago....

Because we are ALL from the same Divine Source of Light.
I look in your eyes and I see who you truly are, an eternal light.
I look in your eyes and I know that you begin to remember.
Yes, there is more than what the world told you, and you are more.....
allow yourself to remember... more and more....
GOD is.

Yes, you are an old Soul. You carry a big beautiful Light.
The essence of your Soul is Love.
You got wisdom from hundreds of incarnations on this planet.
Your Soul is eternal, and the more you connect with it, the more you will remember...

When you surrender all your emotions and thoughts to your Divine Self,
When you surrender and ask the God within you for guidance,
you will discover what others have discovered on this path before you.

Go in stillness.... and listen within.... within your heart.
Because the Truth is there, always, within your heart...

Thank You.

Blessings, Love and Light to you,

Unconditional love, healing and living in peace

In all messages in this blog I am writing my observations only. I do not pretend to be right. I write my personal understanding here. This is my understanding of today only – maybe tomorrow, I do understand a little bit more and then I will have to change this text a little bit. But as it is often explained: there are many different truths, as there are many different paths to the awakening.

In the society of today, we maybe have been trained to analyze others. We tend to think: „ Ah, he needs this and that; he should do this and that...“. Somehow, we all learned that a little bit. We developed the habit to see the other person that way. But seeing others with our human vision only, is not seeing them as they truly are. Who we truly are is more than the physical appearance, because there is the Divine Soul, the eternal Divine Being we also have to look at.

When a person comes to us and asks for help, our vision and focus should be more on their Divine Self, on their Soul. Who are we to believe that we would know what this person really needs? Who are we to think that we would know what he/she should do or not do? Only their Higher Divine Self knows. Only their I-AM-Presence knows what this person really needs in this time of its path. Therefore, this is where we ask for Divine Guidance too. This, truly everybody can do it, one simply has to practice it a little bit for himself.

Somehow, we are channels for the Divine Light. If I can step aside and allow the Divine Light and Divine Consciousness to flow through me, for the highest and greatest good of all, then maybe healings can be experienced. But as soon as I start analyzing the other persons situation from a human perspective only (with the ego), and put any kind of labels on him/her, the free flow of the Divine Light is being limited through those human filters.

For example, when one gives an energy healing session and assists another person, the healing experience totally depends on the person's free choice and free will. I often say that as a Reiki Master, I am "not doing" healings. In our trainings, we were taught to see ourselves as a channel for the Divine Light to flow through us, that's all. Me, I on my own can do nothing like that. But the Divine Light flowing through me then does whatever needs to be done; and it will do whatever serves the highest Divine good of the person who is asking for an energy healing session. If we really wish to help the other person in the best possible ways, our job is to step aside and let the Light flow through freely.

The Divine Guidance does know what is needed in any moment. We do not know the Divine Plan of another person's Soul. Only Divine Guidance knows this. Truth can be shown as soon as we are able to lay aside all old prejudices and personal ideas. When we can be still and lay aside all our personal thoughts about any situation, then the answers that help the most can being shown to us.

The journey of each Soul is unique, let's remember this always and respect each other with this knowing. The more we help each other to remember that our Divine Guidance is within our alignement with Divine Source, the more peace we all can experience in daily life.

I have no right to put any kind of labels, diagnosis or analyzes upon any other person, because that would be a real lack of respect. Only Divine Guidance knows about the other person's Soul and what is truly needed in that moment. And I have no right to judge, to label or to analyze the other Soul's journey in any way. We all wish to share and experience unconditional love in our daily life, then this can be a good start to make it happen.

This is how we can help others the best, if we are able to step aside with our human vision and allow our own Divine Self to help us see the other person's Divine Self only. But as long as we continue to see the other person's mistakes, the other person's outer appearances and even go to the point where we put any kind of labels on the other person and his/her situation, the Divine Light can't flow freely.

As long as we keep our focus on the problems and weaknesses that we are observing, our help is somehow incomplete. We then can help better, if we see and focus on the Divine Self of the person we are talking with, and see them as truly equal to us.

The same is also important for our private life, for our daily life: when talking with others, we help them the most when we do no longer see their outer appearances, their physical appearances, but focus on their Divine Self the best we can, listening for Divine Guidance from one moment to the next moment. We then learn to be humble and see others as truly equal, instead of seeing them as „different“. Seeing the Divine Self, the eternal Soul in others is helping them to heal and to live their full potentials.

What if in truth, the person who maybe asks our help for one specific thing, has been brought to us in order to show us themes where we do need their help? What if in truth, the Soul of the person who comes to us and asks for our assistance for one situation, is as much a healer and teacher for us, as we are for them? The question is if we are humble enough to accept this and accept their help and messages the same way as they accepted our help.

Now, more than ever before, the outer appearances no longer count. For those on the spiritual path, the old labels, job positions or any kind of titles no longer count the same way than some years ago. The situation a person is in today, it now can change within 24 hours; and the person can make big shifts, receive healings and do inner progresses within a few days. The person who works as a simple employee and is cleaning buildings can now be your greatest teacher for certain themes you have to learn for your own spiritual awakening – and this person could be a better teacher to you for those specific themes, than any person with the 5 greatest university diplomas.

If we truly dare to be open to each person we meet the same way, and look beyond their outer appearances, every Soul we meet can be a precious guide and friend for our own path now. So often, the person we would expect it the least then has the greatest gifts and beautiful messages for us to learn. But as long as we walk around and put our analyzes, our diagnosis, judgements or our labels on others, or maybe even project our personal expectations, our personal ideas or desires on them, we will not see the real gifts that they have for us and our own spiritual path.

The greatest spiritual teachers, the greatest healers and spiritual masters in the history of this planet did not go to any special University. But we all still remember them and their lessons are still available and appreciated today. They had no special diplomas or titles of any kind. But we do remember them, because they lived from their hearts, they were aware of their Soul, their Divine Guidance in every moment. They were in alignement with their Divine Soul and with Divine Source. Compassion was their highest truth. Therefore, they treated each person they met with the same unconditional love and always as totally equal; they were deeply humble. They would meet and welcome every single person the same open, the same loving and in the same respectful way. Because they knew that the Soul of the person they were talking to is truly equal and comes from the same Divine Source than theirs. And that is what we can learn from them.

We can truly heal and transform our relationships or situations of our daily life (private and business), by stepping aside and listen to Divine Guidance for a short moment. This is how we allow Divine Light and Divine Love to flow into the situation - and then, the most beautiful changes can be experienced.

Divine Blessings to You.

Jeanne J.

Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

Healing the pain of rejection

*Did you suffer from the rejection of others in your life? Maybe this can help you to understand why those you loved have rejected you:

As you know, your Soul (= You as the Divine Being that you truly are), has chosen what some call lessons to learn in life. It was all about contrasts. Maybe your choice was about worthiness, self-esteem, and it helped you to awaken.

Just for a moment, try to see it from a different perspective:  If your ego would have been feeded, you would still be lost in the illusions of some codependent relationships. But you do prefer real relationships of a higher consciousness. And the lesson of "rejection" helps you to grow and become emotionally free. As you asked for truth, Divine Source sent you experiences of contrasts, so that you could awaken and remember your Divine True Being.

By rejecting you and not giving you what you expected, they served you somehow. If they would have been giving you always everything you asked for, you would still be insecure, depending on their human egos, their moods, their approval, and ignoring your relationship with your inner Divine Self (and with Divine Source).
Would you prefer this?  Would you prefer their human attentions, instead of awakening, instead of stepping into your Divine Consciousness, instead of remembering who you really are, instead of learning to connect with Divine Source?

This is why one day you maybe can make peace with their rejection. Their Souls served you, they made sure that you would go and find your own Soul, find your Divine Source. You now have found Divine Source, what greater gift could they give you?

By rejecting you, you experienced contrasts and that is how you started your own path of awakening.
You feel rejected when you are temporarily out of your alignement with your Divine Self.
You feel unworthy whenever you’re out of your connection with your Soul.
You feel unlovable whenever you forgot your true Divine Self and the Love that You truly are, the eternal Divine Being of Love and Light that is your real essence.

Once a meditation teacher explained: If they rejected and hurt you, do not judge them. Because it could be that maybe there is karma from past lives to clean.

You asked for truth. You asked for awakening. You asked for the real healing and the coming home to your Divine Source. They all helped you with it, by making sure you would not depend on their human relationships. Things are not always as they seem to be. They served you somehow: because they did not love you, you had to learn to love yourself. 

Your Soul has attracted those situations towards you to make sure you would turn inward, and not get lost in the co-dependent ego-based relationships.
Your Soul wanted you to reconnect and awaken to your Divine Self, and that brought those experiences of rejection to you, in order to make sure you could awaken.

This is the reason for some of the rejections you’ve experienced. 
Your Soul wanted to make sure you would become free from all the discords, the illusions, the pains and disapointments and the instability of ego-based human relationships and their illusionary temporarely comforts. Because you were depending on their moods and their approval, giving your power away to others over and over again, forgetting your Divine Source. Your Soul helped you to step out of that circle of suffering. 

Your Soul wanted to make sure you found your way back home to Divine Source.
Your Soul wanted you to see your Self and your worth correctly.
Your Soul wanted you to remember who you really are.
This is how much your Soul loves You.
This is how much Divine Source loves You.
Every loving Father wants his child to love him-/herself. And so you had to learn this too.

The more you now remember your Divine Soul, the more you will heal.
The more you allow yourself to reconnect with your Divine Soul, the more you feel worthy.
The goal was to connect again with your own inner Divine Being.

As you now remember again who you really are, you step into unconditional love.
Because the essence of your Divine Soul is based on unconditional Love.
This is who you really are and who you've always been and always will be.
Your Soul is an eternal Divine Being of Love and Light.
The goal was to remember it again. And now you did.

And whenever others seem to reject you, it is a loving reminder that you forgot who you really are and that you don't need their approval. You become free, when you now connect again with your own Divine Soul during your time of meditation. Until this consciousness becomes a permanent state of being for you.

Do no longer worry about those who reject you. If they do, then they're not good for you anyway. You're supposed to be surrounded by good people who appreciate you honestly. Let those who reject you always go; and simply know and trust that your Divine Guidance will replace all of them with better, more gentle people who will respect you, care for you and love you just the way you are.

All you need is to remember who you really are: an eternal being of Love and Light, from Divine Source. And your essence is Love and Light. You are Love. You are adorable!

Could any conscious Divine Being of Love and Light ever feel rejected? 

I hope this helps a little bit.

Jeanne J.

Discover real Peace in the Stillness within You

We all know those words saying: "The answers are within you." - True, and there is a lot more to find within your heart than answers ... !!

You know the energy field around those meditation teachers, those "old wise beings" where you can feel their peace, their wisdom and their unconditional love. All of this you have it too, always available to you within yourself. The good news: everything that you admire in them, YOU have it too, within you.

It may take some time, a real commitment, devotion and practice before getting there. But one thing is sure: every single person who is sitting in stillness in daily meditation and asking for Divine Guidance, does always receive help. Ask, and it is given. From where? From your own DIVINE SELF and from the Divine Realms.

Yes, your own Divine Self is always waiting and looking forward for you to ask to connect again in a stronger way. Because this is the beginning of your awakening, the beginning of your healing and your freedom: sitting in stillness, in meditation and say the words: "I ask for Divine Guidance."

To begin, you lay aside all the outer noise from the thoughts, emotions and feelings. Then it that wonderful stillness is where you begin to clean yourself from human consciousness and you then merge with Divine Consciousness. When you become more and more quiet, you then listen - this is where you find everything you were looking for.

No, there is nothing "to do". Here, it is more about allowing it to happen. In these steps you now lay aside your expectations and allow your Divine Self to guide you. Trust your own Divine Self. It is more important to listen to this inner guidance. Your Divine Self is one with your Divine Source. It knows what it is that you do need in every moment.

Because that unconditional Love is never to find outside in the human world, but always inside your heart, in your own eternal Divinity. That is the part of you that is your Soul, your Higher Self, your Divine Self - the one many of us forgot while living as humans in the survival mode, in the noise of the ego-thoughts and in the distractions of the outer world.

In the stillness and oneness with your own Divine Self, your real healing happens, cleansing will be done and you re-discover the peace and love you knew exist. By going within your heart, you will find it all. There, you get in touch with your own Source of Being, from where you receive new strength, wisdom and guidance for your daily life. The key is to practice every day, in order to obtain the best results.

During meditation, when you consciously connect with your Divine Source, you feel that you are gently filled with a loving energy and a feeling of bliss. This is where you can ask for answers to your personal questions. When you have asked, continue to sit in stillness for a while and listen carefully with all your being. Trust that an answer will be given to you in an appropriate way and time. Stay open to receive it.

In case you feel insecure if you are doing it right, ask the Divine Angels to join you and help you. Know that you are never alone in this. You have your Guardian Angel who is more than happy to help you, if you ask for help. You discover that there is a sacred room within your heart, where you can always find peace and healing. There, you discover more and more your own Divinity - and this is your goal: to remember who you really are.

It is important for your inner balance to take this daily time for your meditation. People who meditate every day experience a better life quality, inner harmony and more inner peace. It will help you on many levels of your being and offers you new inspiration. While connecting with your inner Divine Source, your health will get better and you will feel more Love.

During meditation, you open the doors of your consciousness to the Divine Realm and you receive more Divine Guidance that will manifest in your daily life and your well-being.

I hope this helps a little bit :-)

Divine Blessings to You.


The Power of Your Soul - remember...

Since I was young, I had a certain sensitivity .... I've studied many spiritual teachings in order to get a better understanding of human nature, the Divine Realms, the Soul and its origins.

Spiritual teachers explain that one of the main reasons for the emotional suffering within mankind is in the idea of what some call "separation": that many have lost their contact with their own Divine Soul. While I visited vipassana seminars, learned more about energy healing techniques and meditation, I discovered that in this sacred reconnection with the Soul is where a deep healing can be experienced step by step.

Real healing from emotional suffering is possible for most people, as soon as one finds a way to connect again with his own Divine Self, the Soul. The practice of meditation is a safe path for this. One then discovers that the essence of his Soul is Love, Light and Consciousness from Divine Source. And the more one connects with this, the more healing is being received step by step.

The more we are in alignment with our own Soul, the more we can experience and feel this Love - this is the fulfilling love that many are looking for. It comes from this inner oneness with the Soul, that we experience especially during times of meditation.

In the oneness with the Soul is where real inner peace comes from. This is where the unhealed wounds gently find healing, where one can rest and relax, and where people discover their full potentials.

If people are not aware of their own inner conflicts and unfulfilled needs, they unconsciously project them on others; this is where relationship issues, discords and drama begin.

When one is able to bring the human self into harmony with the Divine Self (the Soul), then inner harmony will reign and freedom begins. From there it is then also experienced on the outside, in relationships with others.

While beginning with meditation, some people experience what feels like a weird resistance. This is kind of normal. Old repressed emotions have to be released first. Most of us had to do an inner cleaning first. This is necessary, before being able to integrate more of the light from the Divine Self.

This is part of the spiritual path, the path of awakening. This is when we make the shift from "a human being who thinks he has a soul" into the consciousness that we are that Soul who is living as a human being. This is the path that is explained in the spiritual teachings.

Each one needs to get in touch again with his own heart, the Soul, the Divine Self. This is where real peace and healing comes from. As the awareness of the Soul grows stronger, inner peace and love are being established step by step. This takes time, compassion and patience. As this is being done consciously, the person experiences more and more healing and discovers a new consciousness, a new state of being.

That constant feeling that something is missing, that weird restlessness, that chronic longing for something more -- it all ends as soon as one finds the connection with the inner being, the eternal Soul again. This is why some explain that the answer has to be found within the heart: this is where your Soul is, this is where YOU are at home.

A new state of being and a new quality of life is then being established. One then develops more self-awareness and self-responsibility. And with this, the relationships with others also become more kind, more peaceful and loving.

As long as these steps are not being done, one continues living in separation and feels over and over again that "something is missing". Real fulfillment and love can only be found within the sacred relationship with the Divine Self, the Soul. This is our way home and our way to peace, healing, fulfillment and freedom.

The more we connect with our own Soul, the more we feel whole again, the more we become who we really are - because we are so much more than the human being. This is what is explained in so many of the great spiritual teachings, and this is why they all teach meditation as one of the most important keys.
Your inner Being, your Soul, loves you unconditionally. During your meditation you can experience, receive and feel all this love.

During our time of meditation we connect more and more with our Divine Self and from there with our Divine Source: we then receive healing, love, light and a new consciousness. We are changing in a way that is simply beautiful and pure, beyond what words can describe. We discover a new way of living, of feeling, of sharing and connecting with others. We are then truly being healed on all levels of our being. This path takes time and demands our active collaboration and participation, every day.

When we turn inward and ask our own Divine Self to help us heal - a real beautiful transformation is taking place. We can develop the habit to always turn inwards first and ask our own Divine Soul for help, in any situation. This is where all the Love, all the support we ever need comes from. Our Soul then brings to us from the outside world whatever it is we need - if we can lay aside our judgements, step aside and allow it to work through us.

It is a very sacred path.... It is the freedom from suffering, loneliness, depression, drama, codependency and many other struggles. The more one moves forward on this path, the more one becomes independent and self-empowered. One is then living from the heart, filled with compassion and love. The more a person is again in touch with his own Divine Self, Soul, the more he/she then can let flow the love and light to others.

Because one who is aware of the Divine Self within himself, is also aware of the Divine Selves within others (no matter the outer appearances). This makes then a new level of contacts possible.

Within this new consciousness and awareness, mutual respect, kindness, compassion and cooperation with everybody is just natural. And with this inner peace, one will create more peace with other people, and from there with other nations all around the world.

The more people awaken to their own Divine Self, .....

                               ..... the more peace is possible for all of us on this planet.

Divine Blessings to You,

A way out of depression and frustration

Depression, frustration or anger issues.... ?

In my understanding, "depression" is the opposite of "expression".

Do you sometimes feel as if you have repressed emotions? Do you often feel nervous or restless? Nobody to talk about it? It can help if you find a healthy harmonious way of expression: some sessions with a counselor, playing music maybe, or painting, writing, dancing, any sport activities. Whatever helps you to speak/express your own truth and your real inner feelings will be healing for you.

As a child or in your younger years, did you experience situations where you had to make yourself smaller, did you have to repress your own feelings in order to avoid rejection? Or maybe you experienced what is known as bullying. If yes, it can be the path to your healing if you take a closer look at these patterns. Those unhealed wounds can manifest as the blockages that you experience in certain situations of your daily life.

We sometimes see that children feel scared to be more successfull than their parents - they continue to make themselves smaller even when they're 30 years or older. This happens sometimes when a father or a mother has serious issues with self-esteem (maybe also narcissistic) or other emotional issues. Then on an unconscious level the child is not allowed to experience more happiness in private life and in the professionnal life than the parents did have.

The way in which depression and anger manifest in daily life can be subtle, unconscious. But if a person feels chronically frustrated, unfulfilled, unhappy and restless, it may help to sit down, take a look inside the heart and give a big loving hug to that inner child. Often, the sadness you feel is not all yours, but it is more the sadness of the inner child who is asking for your attention. It is never too late to heal yourself.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, with your inner Being, your Soul. Your Soul loves You. It is no random you read this blog. If there are topics, patterns, pains that you experience over and over again in your life, those repetitions may be a very clear sign that you have an unhealed wound ((repressed emotions)) from your past that is asking for healing.

Know that you do have the power to heal it all, step by step. This is what many of us have gone through. Please know that you've already made half of the way if you're conscious of the patterns. You're on your path to inner healing and freedom.

One of the key questions to ask is: in the first 18 years of your life, who did you have to be in order to be loved by your family? Did you have to be different, smaller, quieter, always perfect, invisible or maybe super nice? Did you constantly have to behave in a certain way in order to please your parents? Was there an underlying feeling that no matter how hard you tried, you were never good enough?
This may sound simple - but is so important for your healing. Because even if we often don't want to admit it: the very first patterns we learned about "being loved" and "feeling worthy, feeling lovable", those are the patterns that we need to look at, if we really wish to find our emotional freedom.

How good do you really feel about allowing yourself to be who you really are?

Some examples: sometimes a child was not allowed to speak about his feelings, maybe the parents had no time for the child. Sometimes a child got often humiliated by an older brother, or it got too often criticized by the parents. Maybe the child never received a hug, or the child got beaten up when he asked questions about the divorce of the parents.
Whatever the emotional instabilities of the environment were, over the years that child learned to repress his own feelings in order to be loved and to survive. And all those experiences can then create a certain self-image that for sure does need healing, once that child becomes a young adult.

For your healing, it is important to realize that those confusing messages you received as a child were not and simply are not true. But instead the truth is that you are good, you are worthy, you are lovable and you deserve to have a happy fulfilling life. It is important that you do feel good about yourself - and that you develop a positive self-image.

Allowing yourself to feel those repressed emotions can be a little challenging first; but by bringing them to surface, you're releasing the emotional blockages that were hindering you from living a fulfilling life. (You can also ask your guardian Angels for help with this.)

Whatever your experience was, I want you to know: You can heal those patterns, you can heal that self-image, healing is possible. Yes, it will need some work. But a few weeks of that healing work are worth it, if you then feel happy and good about yourself for the next 50-70 years of your life, right ?

For the more you heal those old emotional wounds, the more you raise your own vibration. Then you will attract happier and more fulfilling experiences. That's why I would like to encourage you herewith to take the time for yourself and do this inner work consciously. For nothing is more important than you being able to share real love with others.

Nothing is more important than you allowing yourself to be who you really are: a beautiful Soul whose essence is love, light and consciousness. Once you bring your human self in alignment with your Divine Self, in that oneness you'll not only feel love, but you'll be Love.

Feel free to write me if you wish to talk about these topics via skype.

Divine Love to You,

Jeanne J.

Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Living from the heart

The more we reconnect with our Soul, the more we begin to realize that our natural state of being is Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Consciousness. As we enter more and more in this new state of being, our natural way to create our world, our life and all our experiences is based on „allowing“, rather than struggling, forcing, manipulating, doubting or worse. But to be able to allow, one has to feel real trust into that Divine Guidance.

If this is new, it can help to learn about the importance of what is known as "planning time". Because the fine difference in this new state of being we are about to enter, is that we now create things in a different way. Sometimes, if any of your daily life experiences appear a little bit chaotic, frustrating or even as the opposite of what you want, then this planning time can help you making the necessary corrections. As long as what you plan to create always serves the highest and greatest good of all, it is in alignment within the Divine Flow.

In the Oneness with Your Divine Self, from that new state of being called Love, you now choose more consciously the life you wish to manifest and live. You now gently learn how to write the script. More than ever before, your thoughts and feelings now have a creative power. As a Divine Creator, you are more conscious about what happens in your world. If now you don't make clear choices and set a clear intent, then you observe that maybe you're living by default, same as in the past. And you no longer want that, right?

Now, YOU truly are the director of your world, your experiences and you can command the energies. This demands some planning time, a clear focus and some choices, especially in the beginning. It may help to take a piece of paper and ask from the perspective of your Soul what it is that you want to create. What is it you wish to see and experience in your private life, your professional life, or anything else you wish to have and do?

The other interesting question you may like to ask yourself: What is it that you no longer want to have in your world? Sometimes, we first have to clean out some old patterns, some old burdens, the old routine, the old emotions and old habits, to make free space for the new experiences we wish to manifest.

The more you are in alignment with your Divine Self, the better you can change your life. Because together with your Divine Soul, you have more light available, you have more support for any change you wish to make. Where before you maybe felt alone, you can now connect with your Divine Self and bring in more light in all areas of your daily life. And this is more than beautiful...

If you wish to experience more harmony, then choose it and bring that potential into your world. For this, keep your focus and your thoughts on harmonious things. You may want to avoid certain TV-movies that no longer serve you. Start observing what brings you a feeling of harmony and what brings you a feeling of discord. From there, make the necessary changes, one step at a time.

Do you wish to experience any other thing, such as a new business, a new love relationship, more joy, more time, more peace, or the creation of music, art, a new house maybe? Whatever you wish to change in your world, you can choose it, imagine it, visualize it and then trust your Higher Divine Soul to bring those potentials into your world and your daily life.

Writing those new choices, new intentions, new goals and new creations on a piece of paper can help you to keep a clear focus, maintain a better clarity and manifest things with more ease.

If this is still a little new to you, you can also start with small things of your daily life and practice this. Take any situation of your daily life that you wish to change. Create your new vision on how you would like it to be, write it on a piece of paper. Then, sit in stillness and in oneness with your Divine Self and Divine Source. From this higher state of consciousness, now bring this situation into your heart and fill it with your love ... and then see what is being presented to you.... and expect beautiful changes to manifest in your daily life.

From that higher state of consciousness and Divine Love, you now can create beautiful experiences for yourself and others. Isn't this worse some planning time?

Divine Blessings to You :-)


If you wish help with this inner healing work, please fill in the contact form to write me.

Healing emotional wounds

*In one way or the other during our life, we all have experienced emotional wounds, pains, some heartaches, the loss of a person we loved, difficult separations or other disappointments. Most of the time we are able to overcome them, we find ways to heal our hearts and move forward again.

But sometimes, there are wounds that are deeper and more difficult to heal. Sometimes even after many years, an old wound can still be painful for us.... We wonder: why can't I let go? Why do I still suffer from that situation? Yes, it can be that our head tells us that there is no more reason to feel the pain that the heart feels. But sometimes, the heart needs more time and more support to let go a certain situation, a person or a relationship.

Sure, we need to have discernment and make sure it isn't just the ego who doesn't want to let go of the past. Then, a person could be in the victimhood or self-pity.

Letting go is truly a conscious choice that you can make at any moment. You really can. Try this: Take a piece of paper and write on it: " I now consciously do let go of the situation with..... ." and then speak this out loud a few times every day, until you do feel more peace about the situation. Ask your Angels to help you with it.

About the loss of a loved one: this is one of the most difficult experiences... allow me to share another perspective on this. The key that helps in those situations is found inside the acceptance. When we can come to a point where we accept and respect the choice the other Soul has made. Yes, even when the person is still very young, we sometimes have to accept and respect that the Soul decided to leave. We have to respect the Soul made that choice, even if for the family it is painful. The sooner we do respect and accept the choice that soul made, the better the Soul can find peace too and move forward on their spiritual path. If we wish that their Soul continues to feel good, we should send them our love and our prayers (but not hold them back), so that they can continue their journey home to the Divine Source.
Yes, it has to do with respect towards their Soul. Respecting their choice is love. Respecting their journey fully, even if from a human perspective, we think they were too young to leave. Some spiritual teachings say that we do not know what their karma was, what lessons their Souls have chosen. Sure is, we have to respect it, we have to accept it. From their, we can make peace with it.

Often, the heartache is greater when the situation happened by surprise and was not expected at all. When we didn't get a chance to prepare ourselves to the situation and didn't have time to really say good-bye to a person, for whatever reasons. Now, whatever it was, let me try to share with you different tools that can help you healing your heart:

If you observe that there is an emotional wound that is difficult to heal, you can always take it into your meditation and ask your own Divine Self (your I-AM-Presence) and the Divine Angels to help you. Your Divine Self may then be able to show you, through images or intuitive feelings, what the reason is why you struggle letting go. Ask your Divine Self to help you remove all the causes and effects of that pain - repeat this during a few days, until you feel that it is healed.

Please know that there is always help available to you from the Angelic realms. The Divine Angels are not allowed to interfere with the free will of mankind and therefore must wait until you call them to help you. As soon as you do invite them, they can help you to find the strength you need to accept and let go of the situation. Or, they can help you find the strength to forgive and make peace. They help you to go through all the different levels of grief and hold the light for you.

One meditation teacher shared with me a real powerful short prayer that helps to clean out painful emotions. Let me share it with you. Speak these words out loud whenever you feel difficult emotions, old pains:" Holy Spirit, my Divine Source, my Divine Guides, please take away from me now these emotions. Please clean my whole being from these emotions.... I now let it go and I give it all in your hands .... Thank You." Then, truly set the intent to give all your pain, the whole situation, into the hands of Divine Guidance. Give it up and let it go into the hands of the Divine Angels fully. You'll find the right words to ask for your specific situations. After saying this prayer three times, continue to sit still for 5-10 minutes. You'll feel a difference. Repeat this until you feel better.

Know that there is Archangel Chamuel who is known for helping in situations with relationships and love. You can call him and ask him to help you heal your relationships. The Elohim of Peace is One of the 7 Mighty Elohim who is happy to help you to feel more peace within your heart. Whatever your situation is, know that you are never alone; there are plenty of Divine Angels you can call and ask for help. Feel free to invite them to you during your daily meditation and you soon feel a difference, more light and more love. Your Divine Source adores you.

Another helpful tool for cleaning your emotional body, your emotions, is known as the Violet Flame. Call the Angels of the Violet Flame and ask them to blaze that Violet Flame through and around your being, into the relationship, into your home, your office rooms. Visualise yourself in and surrounded by the Violet Flame, feel how it is cleaning your whole being. Repeat this many times per day. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. You feel a difference within your emotional body after a while.

Another great help can be received by the Ascended Masters. Their unconditional love is always helping immediately all those who do ask them with a honest intend. They surround you with their Divine Light and Divine Consciousness, and they help you to see and understand your situation from a higher perspective and to raise the vibration. This helps you to heal and let go of whatever was the cause for your emotional pain.

As you can see, there is always plenty of help and support available to you. But the rule is that YOU must first do the effort to call for their help and ask for Divine Guidance. The reward is that you receive Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Consciousness as an answer. The more you ask for help, the more of this Divine Help will enter into your heart, your being, your world and your life. This will raise higher the vibration of all your energy fields and help you in all areas of your daily life. Yes, life gets easier when we receive that kind of Divine Help.

There is always a lot of benevolence within the Divine Realm, ready to help you at any moment - but YOU have to call it into your life.

With a little bit more trust and more faith, you can open doors for Divine Help that can truly change your life and raise it up to a new level.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Divine Blessings to You.
With Love,

Jeanne Jessica A.


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