The details within the laws of attraction

Over the last few years, many people around the world have learned about the laws of attraction and their functions. Many have learned them in order to attract more abundance, more joy, more love into their lives. But you also hear some people asking: WHY is it not working?

Other people go to meditation classes and hope to find more inner peace and relief from stress. They try different relaxation techniques and visit seminars, or study spiritual books. Some of them also ask: WHY is it not working the way it should?

If it is not working, it is because there are some specific details to become aware of: Here I share some of the possible answers. Others maybe found other answers. Here in this blog, I share what I have discovered. I will update the texts whenever I discovered something new.

The reasons why those laws of attraction and other techniques may not work the way one does expect them to work is this: they can only work AFTER we have made real peace within ourselves and with ev…

First steps into Divine Consciousness

Since a few years now, there is an awakening going on for many, all around the world. People start to realize that they are more than just that "human body", that there is a lot more beyond the limitations they were taught. They discover that there are other potentials and possibilities, new ways of living, new ways of being.

What people now discover is that they are not a human being who has a Soul. They discover now more and more that they ARE that Soul - and that as that Soul, they are having a physical body.
They start to realize that they are Divine Beings, living in a physical body. They see: they are spiritual Beings - having a physical experience on planet Earth. 
And together with this comes the first step into their Divine Consciousness. Of course, there is sometimes a kind of a resistance from the ego to that new idea. Because it has to let go of the old way of identification with the different roles it used to play out. But soon it will discover the beauty and t…

The missing Link to real Love

Dear all,
Since years, there are many new spiritual books, spiritual DVDs and meditations, and also hundreds of self-help books that people read every day. But how comes that some people still say they did not arrive where they would like to be?

Often, even after different efforts, people say that there is still something missing. They search for more answers, they again hope for love, they desire more compassion, seek for approval, for healing and for connections outside of them. I do understand all of them and what they go through, because a few years ago, I was there too. I was looking, seeking and longing for answers - in the outside world.

Sooner or later, we all discover that the answers, the love and the connection that we are searching for, is within our own hearts and within the reconnection with our own Soul. And from there, we then experience the connection with our one Divine Source.

Yes. It could really be so simple - if we would take the time to sit in stillness, in me…

Listening to your heart, the voice of your Soul

*When people are only living in survival mode, they do not fully have the life which they wish to live. They do what they have to do in their daily life, they are good people, but they just "function".
And they feel: there is no passion, something is missing....
Many people say they sometimes feel they are in that survival mode, sometimes for many long years.

Once we make the decision to truly follow our heart, we feel a new power within us. Yes, it takes courage to step out of that survival mode. You'll feel alive again, you'll feel butterflies again.... you'll feel uplifted and inspired again....
When we start to follow the voice of our Soul and no longer listen to the voice of the old fears, there is an interesting inner change going on. Yes, at the beginning the fears may feel almost overwhelming - and we are tempted to return into the old survival mode because we are so used to believe those illusions. But if you're decided to sit in stillness with tho…

What is blocking your feeling of happiness?

The other day, I was talking with friends about the question on what is holding us back from living our dreams, reaching our goals, living our potentials, being happy. Sometimes, the more one is sensitive, the more this can seem difficult.

We found that some things that are holding us back, are based on old beliefs. One of these beliefs is the feeling that we have to be loyal to a person in a certain way: we think we were not allowed to be more happy than them. These unconscious beliefs are still telling us that we were not allowed to be more happy than our loved ones (family members, partners), because we would have to be loyal to them: and as long as they were unhappy, we could not really be happy ourselves.

Can this be: do we really not allow ourselves to be happy, as long as we know that a person we love (father, mother, aunt, brother, sister, life partner) is somehow unhappy? Do we unconsciously suppress our own happiness and feelings of joy, in order to stay loyal to a loved one…

The warrior within the old Souls

Dear old Soul,
If in this lifetime, you are older than 40 y., you maybe some days feel a little bit like „tired“ and maybe also disapointed about life here on planet Earth. It is important to free yourself from this, in order to open to the new energies of Divine Light coming in now. As an old Soul who has had many different incarnations already, you may feel wounded and hurt by what you have experienced – and now with the new energies coming in, you may struggle to trust and believe that this time now, it really is what you were waiting for since so long (since so many lifetimes).

As an old Soul, you have gone through so much – therefore, it is important to take the time to heal yourself and help yourself to find a safe space for regeneration. Especially if in your daily life as a human, there is not much space for regeneration, this may help you a little. Remember when you were younger in this lifetime, you were so much ahead of time and you had visions of how things on this planet …

Love, relationships, and a different perception

These days, many people discover a new type of changes in their personal love relationships. Especially as Lightworkers, we are sensitive to these changes. And we are maybe being challenged.

In the past, before the process of awakening, when we were in a love relationship, we all had some patterns going on: it was almost normal to project our needs and expectations on the other person. And for some it was seen as normal, to make the other person responsible for their feelings. From there, the manipulation-games with guilt started to play out....

In the past, many unconsciously started love relationships to make sure that all the unfulfilled needs from the childhood or a past relationship would be fulfilled through the partner. There were expectations that the new partner would give, what could not being received in the past. The role of the partner was then very often to fill that gap. There was an expectation that the partner would give a feeling of wholeness.

But as we all found …

Creating a "Reconnection" with the Divine Flow

During our life, we all have experienced some type of failure in different areas. It can happen that in those areas of our life, we somehow lost faith – even without being aware of it. This means that we have unconsciously developed negative beliefs about certain things, certain situations. And they are now blocking the flow and hinder us to succeed in that field.

The most famous example is where a person is single and alone during years - and people around him/her all think that this person is warm hearted, kind, gentle and should have a partner. Or another example is when a person has certain goals for the career that he/she wishes to attain, but during many years, things never work out the right way. Or a couple wishes to get a new house and struggles during long years, but can't find out why it is not working.

If we have experienced a painful failure, failed over and over again in a certain subject, then chances are that we unconsciously have given up. There is sometimes a pa…

Some motivation from the Angels, to help you reach your goals

Dear One,
The message of today is supposed to give you some new motivation, to help you reach your goals. No matter how small or big your goal is, the universal laws for the creation of it are the same. We all know the words:"If you can imagine it, then you can create it." And somehow, we all have our little list of things we wish to create and some goals we would like to achieve.

Honestly, how many ideas and goals on your list did you really bring into full manifestation? Can you imagine for yourself a life where things fall into place - or not yet? Is there anything in your life that you wish to change - but for some reasons, it did not yet work out?

Let's talk about it today and see if we can find some of the reasons why you still can't bring those things into your world and make them real. First, let's look at some critical questions that will answer certain things: how are you used to feel about yourself? Because this has a big influence on how you create y…

The most fulfilling love relationship

Did you know that the practice of meditation can save your relationship?
Did you know that the practice of meditation can help you feel less lonely?
I show you why:

They show it on TV every day: romantic movies where two people play some games together and finally, in the last 5 minutes of the movie, one is running to the train station (or to the airport) to tell the woman how much he loves her. We all have seen those movies, movies that promise the biggest happiness and eternal love. But there is the other side: the statistiques that say that 50% of marriages do end in divorce.

If you are like me, you maybe asked yourself why that is that so many divorce. Again, I do not pretend to know the answers. I only share my humble thoughts here, that's all. My thoughts are that maybe these people who end up unhappy in their relationships, they do have many unrealistic expectations towards their partners.
They expect their partners to make them happy. They make their partners responsible fo…

Another story about the meaning of life

Sooner or later, every human being is asking the question "Why am I here, and who am I?" There are many ways to explain the meaning of life. What I am going to write here is just one way to explain it. At the end, there is no right or wrong -- because as the wonderful Wayne Dyer used to
say: "You'll see it, when you believe it."

Therefore, what I write here is only my own personal humble story, and I am far, far away from pretending to know any answers. I just have my own way to understand it, and this is what I will share here with you, that's all. Yes, I do believe in a Divine Source and in the Divine Realms....

Maybe, just maybe…. maybe, you are a Divine Being of Love, Light and Consciousness, a beautiful Soul from Divine Source. As that Soul, living in the Divine Realms, you are eternal. And because it is in the nature of the Divine Universe to expand and to explore, same as all others, you incarnated in a human body on this beautiful Planet Earth.


Healing emotional wounds

*In one way or the other during our life, we all have experienced emotional wounds, pains, some heartaches, the loss of a person we loved, difficult separations or other disappointments. Most of the time we are able to overcome them, we find ways to heal our hearts and move forward again.

But sometimes, there are wounds that are deeper and more difficult to heal. Sometimes even after many years, an old wound can still be painful for us.... We wonder: why can't I let go? Why do I still suffer from that situation? Yes, it can be that our head tells us that there is no more reason to feel the pain that the heart feels. But sometimes, the heart needs more time and more support to let go a certain situation, a person or a relationship.

Sure, we need to have discernment and make sure it isn't just the ego who doesn't want to let go of the past. Then, a person could be in the victimhood or self-pity.

Letting go is truly a conscious choice that you can make at any moment. You real…